Thursday, 23 October 2014

Halloween makeup: Cheshire Cat

Three Halloween makeup posts in a row this week, I know, I'm spoiling you. (Or rather just geeking out!) Today's look is one of my favourites so far, it is still nice and simple to achieve whilst being very effective. 

Cheshire Cat Halloween makeup tutorial, face painted, sfx, big fangs, prosthetics
As revealed by the title I decided to recreate everyone's favourite Alice in Wonderland character, the Cheshire Cat. I mentioned in my DIY fangs post that I knew I wanted to do something with big teeth and worked backwards and I'm super happy I chose to go with this. It was pretty effective I think.

Cheshire Cat Halloween makeup tutorial, face painted, sfx, big fangs, prosthetics
This is your first taste of somewhat illusion makeup from me, with the fake eyes painted over my own. It's a popular style amongst face and body painters which I've been wanting to dabble in for a while. I'm also a big fan of combining painted and 3d elements making this a really fun one to do.

- I first prepped the teeth and ears, I won't go into too much detail, I posted a tutorial for the teeth here yesterday and the ears are simply fabric backed with card which I glued to a head band and added some paper wispy bits for detail.

- Moving on to the actual makeup I began by marking out where I wanted the main features to go on my face, the big mouth, eyes and nose.  I did this using a little water-based body paint on a thin brush but you could also do this with an eyeliner. I tend to go for a white or light shade which is easily covered later unless it's a wound in which I'll do it with reds.

- Using a gluestick I stuck down my eyebrows to give a smoother surface to paint on. I ran it across my brows then using a spatula, scraped lumps of glue off and pasted these on to fill in any remaining ridges.

- I painted in each colour in turn and let them dry in between to avoid mixing. With all my details drawn out this was kind of like a paint by numbers. I started with all the purples, moving on to the eyes which were white with some yellow over the top to create a more feline effect and finishing by blacking out the entire mouth area. This was to create the illusion that nothing is behind those big fangs.

- I also added some stripes and dots which I think not only helps embody the Cheshire Cat but aesthetically works pretty well.

- Now it was time to add the teeth. I stuck these using a two-part skin silicone, as the teeth are curved this worked better than glue so they could really get stuck in. I did the largest teeth first, working on the top then the bottom. I pasted on the silicone along the mouth line then simply pressed the teeth into it. Once all of those were done I moved onto each side, doing exactly the same but I had cut the teeth down smaller.

- For the very corners of the mouth I painted in a few more teeth using yellow over white again to slightly match the colour of the other fangs.

- I left the pupils til last and these are pretty self explanatory. Make sure you keep shutting your eye when doing these to ensure they line up correctly when closed. If wearing this makeup out I think I would be inclined to then set this part of the makeup with powder, even a black eyeshadow would do, or use a longer lasting product so they don't smudge.

- Finish your look with any accessories and a costume and you're good to go! You could also draw in some whiskers if you liked but I didn't want to ruin mine with one more element so decided to go without.

- Kryolan Aquacolour paints
- Pritt Stick glue
- Mouldlife Sculpt Gel
- Homemade fangs

I really hope you enjoyed this look, I'm pretty chuffed with it and it has been popular amongst my FB friends and on Instagram which is always lovely to see. I also recorded this look so head over to YouTube and give that a little watch.

If you want to easily skip to my previous Halloween tutorials this year just click here.

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Halloween makeup: DIY fangs

Oh today was a very fun day, I filmed a new makeup tutorial which will go up tomorrow and I can't wait to share it with you all. If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram you might have spotted what well known character I recreated.

The makeup required some big ol' chompers so I set out to make those first and I thought this would be a helpful thing to share before you watch the main tutorial as I don't explain making the fangs in that. It's a nice and simple technique.

How to make Halloween Fangs
I started off with some standard fake nails which I cut into the fang shapes I required. I chose to use clear ones to retain some opacity.

How to make Halloween Fangs
I then painted these with a coat of liquid latex which I had pre-tinted with a dab of white acrylic paint and grey nail varnish. Again, I chose latex because it remains slightly transparent and I wanted that rubbery texture that would stay matte.

How to make Halloween Fangs
When they had fully set I could paint them, I chose to use alcohol activated paints which are water and smudge proof and are applied in washes.

How to make Halloween Fangs
Here are the three colours I used, I've numbered them so you can see which order I applied them in. Of course if you're not doing FX professionally you may not have access to these paints in which case you could use regular paints that you've diluted down, or even nail varnishes if you can achieve the appearance you want with them. There are however cheaper versions of these palettes here which I'll be talking about in another post soon.

How to make Halloween Fangs
Here is how they turned out! Using very diluted washes of colour I started with the yellow tone all over, then the black at the top and down the sides. Finishing off with a red on the tips. I waited for each coat to dry before adding the next colour so they didn't mix together. Obviously each time you apply a new colour the alcohol is going to reactivate the previous paint so it's good to be gentle and maybe have a practice first to see how the paints work. I love that they can give an almost watercolour effect.

Hope this was helpful for anyone looking to add an unusal, 3D element to their Halloween makeup this year. It is also a great was to create some horrible nails too. I look forward to showing you the finished look tomorrow!

Halloween Makeup: girl from The Exorcist

I've been wanting to recreate some popular movie characters and finally settled our possessed friend in The Exorcist, a classic. To give the makeup a little more scope I drew my inspiration from both the original film and Exorcist: The Beginning.

Girl from the Exorcist Halloween makeup tutorial, SFX, Horror

Girl from the Exorcist Halloween makeup tutorial, SFX, Horror

Girl from the Exorcist Halloween makeup tutorial, SFX, Horror
This may look complicated but is actually a really simple one and it didn't requite a whole load of different products.

- I began by pasting my brows down with a glue stick then mixed up some silicone and applied the first half of the wounds with a metal spatula. I only did half of them at first because I didn't want it to cure before I had time to get them perfect. I made these by applying a line of silicone first then using the thin edge of the spatula I drew the gash down the middle. Then I could smooth out the edges and add a little texture using a stipple sponge. Once I'd got that far I did exactly the same for the rest of the wounds. Then just before the silicone had set I used a cotton bud dipped in 99% alcohol to smooth down the edges a little more.

- I did the wounds first because the silicone sticks better to bare skin, then I applied my base over the top of everything. For this I mixed some of my white foundation by Illamasqua with a little light green greasepaint and applied with a stippling brush. The brows always need a little extra.

- Using a light grey I began shading around my eyes, the hollows of my cheeks and my temples, I also added some to my lips and then took a slightly darker shade in for more intensity.

- Next I used alcohol paints to colour the wounds as they work best on silicone, however they've very expensive so greasepaints would be a good alternative. I used a deep red inside the cuts then a very diluted shade around the edges. I also added some black to any areas I wanted more depth. If you wanted to dilute your greasepaints just simply scrape a little out and mix it with either alcohol or moisturiser to the transparency required.

- Continuing with the alcohol paints I used the black to outline the brow, eye bag and laughter line details, then shaded within these with a dark grey greasepaint.

- Lastly I used a red greasepaint under my eyes and added a bit to my lips with a little more grey.

- Pritt Stick glue
- Mouldlife Sculpt Gel
- Illamasqua Rich Liquid foundation
- Kryolan Supracolour greasepaints
- PPI Illustrator FX palette

This is definitely a tutorial that will be easiest understood by watching the video below, but if you have any questions about how to achieve it just give me a shout. I hope you like it!

Sunday, 19 October 2014

Outfitted: skeleton dress

If you read my last outfit post you may remember I said I'd bought two new items, well this dress is the second one. I actually think it looks quite unflattering but I love the design so I had to share it anyway.

Outfit, skeleton dress, alternative style, lace kimono, halloween, horror
I think my main issue with the dress is the length, it makes my legs look really stumpy and given that I'm only 5'4, I really don't need to look any shorter. I also went for a size up so that it would be loose fitting but that's a mistake I always seem to make with ASOS and it's rather shapeless. Some alterations are in order for this one I think!

Outfit, skeleton dress, alternative style, lace kimono, halloween, horror
I've paired it with my lace kimono from Tesco which I bought in the summer and still absolutely adore, it was quite expensive for Tesco but I have gotten so much use out of it. The boots are one of the pairs I featured back in this post and are Firetrap from USC, whilst my necklace I found in the men's section of Primark a couple of years back for a quid, bargain!

As you'll have noticed I am a bit of a halloween / horror fanatic so this dress (and the sweater from the last post) kind of sum me up. I'm excited to wear them on my Halloween jobs this year.

Saturday, 18 October 2014

Halloween makeup: Steampunk cyborg

My Halloween tutorials are getting closer and closer together, I know. I'm totally over excited by this time of year and have too much free time so that's what you get! It's another gorey one from me today, I had such high hopes for this look but it didn't exactly turn out how I wanted it to. However it's still a really fun idea and something sure to impress your mates.

Halloween makeup tutorial, Steampunk Cyborg, Horror, Bloody, SFX
As you can tell from the title I was going for a steampunk cyborg effect but didn't really nail the theme, however there's so much scope for how you can do a look like this by combining makeup techniques and found objects. Nuts and bolts, wires and clock parts are all ideal.

Halloween makeup tutorial, Steampunk Cyborg, Horror, Bloody, SFX

Halloween makeup tutorial, Steampunk Cyborg, Horror, Bloody, SFX

- I started out by doing my makeup as usual then marked out where I wanted the wound with greasepaint on a thin brush.

- Using a 2 part skin silicone I built up the "ripped skin" edge but applying it with a metal spatula and blending the edges with a cotton bud dipped in water.

- Once this had set I used more greasepaint to colour it and took this around the surrounding skin to give a raw look.

- I painted the inside of the wound a base coat of silver then dry brushed some gold over the top roughly. I added some ageing to the "metal" by shading around my, under my cheekbone and by my nose with a black powder eyeshadow.

- Then I could start the line work which I did with a black water-based paint. You can add whatever details you like be it just sheet metal nailed together or mechanical parts. It's a good idea to work with the natural structure of the face though. Now that all components were mapped out I could add some highlights with a lighter tone of paint and small details such as dots.

- Using liquid latex I stick on the metal disc which actually used to be part of an earring, I also dabbed some latex round the edge for extra support and left that to dry. Once it had I could disguise the latex edge with black paint. I also used the latex to stick on the metal washers and black diamantes.

- I added runny blood all around the inside edge of the wound and patted it out in places so it didn't look too neat. I used more in some areas so it would drip naturally down my face.

- Finally I could add the eye piece which was a big, plastic gem stuck on a piece of cardboard that I had cut in the shape of a cog. I stuck this down with more silicone but you have to be really careful when using this around your eye and I made sure to only apply at the very top and bottom. It would probably be best to actually cover your eye with a cotton bad first, glueing down the edges with latex so that you could stick the eye piece to that instead of your skin and not risk getting it in your eyes.

- After this I added a couple of extra dots and I was finished!

What I used:
- Kryolan Supracolour greasepaints
- Mouldlife Sculpt Gel (a more affordable alternative is 3rd Degree)
- MAC pigment 'Platinum' with Illamasqua Sealing Gel
- Illamasqua 'Solstice' Liquid Metal
- MAC 'Carbon' eyeshadow
- Kryolan Aquacolour paints
- Kryolan Liquid Latex
- Diamantes (Ebay)
- Maekup 'Clotting Blood'

I also filmed this and popped it up on my YouTube channel which might be easier to follow. Give it a watch and a like if you enjoy it. I still have a lot more looks to come so I hope you're all enjoying them!

Friday, 17 October 2014

Recipe: meatball cous cous casserole

Here's another one of my spur of the moment, 'chuck everything in a bowl and cross your fingers' dishes that turned out to be surprisingly scrummy. I had actually originally planned to use lentils not cous cous but when I discovered they had expired I had to improvise.

recipe, home cooked meal, healthy living, diet

- These meatballs are possibly packed full of rubbish because I was in a rush and only looked at the calories, they're mini, pork ones by Richmond which seemed to be marketed towards kids and because they're small I used 8. I put these in a casserole dish with one chopped carrot, and some diced white onion and red pepper.

- I then blended together half a cup of tomato, a few basil leaves, half a clove of garlic and a couple of pinches of chilli seeds to add a bit of heat. I did this with about 100ml of water and once this was all liquidated I poured it into the casserole dish with the other ingredients.

- Lastly I added 50g of cous cous and mixed it all together before covering and putting in the oven for half an hour.

My intention had been for it so be more of a casserole/stew consistency with lots of sauce but of course I did not have enough liquid in there so my cous cous soaked all that up. In future I'd have to make more sauce or cook the cous cous separately and mix together at the end.

Despite this it still tasted very nice and equally important was extremely filling. I'm trying not to eat past about 9pm these days so I have plenty of time to digest my food before sleep so a filling dinner is important to me.

This dish doesn't look quite as appetising as some of my previous recipes on here but hopefully it will appeal to someone out there, especially as this could easily be done with rice, lentils, chickpeas, quinoa...and a load more cous cous substitutes. 

Thursday, 16 October 2014

Autumn Giveaway 2014

I've had a couple of giveaway prizes tucked away for a while now, waiting for an excuse to share them with you. I launched my YouTube channel yesterday and decided that was as good a reason as any to hold a little celebratory giveaway. Check below to see what's up for grabs and how to enter.

River Island bobble hat // New Look studded bangles // Miners lipstick, lip  tine and mascara //
Raffles Bizarre handmade cards // Bioderma samples

Hopefuly there's a little something for everyone there. If this takes your fancy you can enter using the Rafflecopter form below and I'll announce the winner at the beginning of November!

a Rafflecopter giveaway